A Place to Make Your Crossing

Face the end of life in a humane and dignified manner free of charge in the serene lakeside setting of Sagebrush Crossing.

Our Philosophy

Quality of life is at the heart of Sagebrush Crossing. We believe that individuals should be trusted to make their own decisions about how to achieve their greatest quality of life, even after receiving a terminal diagnosis. Many medical providers, hospices and loved ones provide opinions about what treatments to pursue and what constitutes a good death, but only the individual facing end of life will actually experience it. Only the individual diagnosed with a terminal condition knows how much pain, discomfort, medication, lack of privacy and cost they are capable of experiencing before their quality of life diminishes to the point of being untenable. We believe that you should be able to plan and carry out your own death as you wish and we are grateful to live in a state where Death with Dignity allows you to end your life safely and legally. We know that not everyone in your life will be supportive of you making this choice and that you may not desire or be able to die in your home, so we are opening ours at no cost to you to support you in your journey.

Disability, Social Justice and DWDOur philosophy may appear to be in conflict with that of disability rights advocates who argue that supporting the euthanasia of ill and/or disabled people is socially unjust. I agree with these advocates and acknowledge the history of eugenics at play in this discussion, as well. Sagebrush Crossing is a place where people…

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