Our People

Cindy (she/her)


Cindy is a is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSW) with a passion for helping people and creating community. She has shared her land and home with family, friends and strangers since 2016 and relocated her dad here in 2019 to assist him with his end-of-life care. Following the natural death of another resident in 2020, Cindy decided to open her space to community members who want to pursue Death with Dignity in this space. Cindy is an advocate for personal choice and bodily autonomy and believes that people whose quality of life is impacted by their terminal diagnosis should be able to decide when and where their life comes to an end. She is honored to be able to help people in their end-of-life journey and to continue to advocate for the rights of individuals to exercise agency in the dying process.

Ginny (she/her)

End-of-Life Consultant

Ginny is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSW) and lives with her family in the great Pacific Northwest. She has a passion for medical social work, specifically supporting individuals facing terminal illnesses and end of life. Ginny holds value to one’s autonomy while advocating for their self-determination and their choices in regards to their own journey of life. In her professional experience, she has found that the subject of death is often taboo and even more so in regards to Death with Dignity. Ginny believes those experiencing their own terminal diagnoses are deserving of all information about how to achieve a peaceful, comfortable and humane end-of-life experience. She believes we can support one’s personal choice of how one lives their life during their terminal illness while also supporting the same individuals with their choices in their transition to end of life.

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