Our Place

Sagebrush Crossing is a 5.4-acre ranch overlooking Williams Lake in southwest Spokane County Washington.

The quiet natural setting is home to abundant wildlife. Birds are the most numerous with over 200 species of waterfowl, marshbirds, shorebirds, and songbirds identified in the area. There are 45 species of mammals including 11 species of bats, Rocky Mountain elk, moose, cougar, badgers, beaver raccoons and flying squirrels. Twelve reptile and amphibian species have been observed nearby including the western rattlesnake, rubber boa, and long-toed and tiger salamanders.

Two Nigerian Dwarf Goats call Sagebrush Crossing their home. Born in 2020, Jelly and Ruben are brothers, and they are delighted by visitors.

The Natural Setting

The Guest Apartment

The Bedroom

Our Yurt

Inside of yurt

Our Pet Goats

The Local Wildlife

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