Step 1: To become a guest at Sagebrush Crossing, you must first meet all the legal requirements outlined on our Death with Dignity page.

Step 2: Contact us to discuss your specific situation and desired services. All communication will be kept confidential, regardless of whether you utilize our services. All Sagebrush Crossing services are free.

Step 3: Register with End-of-Life Washington (EOLWa). End of Life Washington will provide support, resources, and guidance to individuals seeking to use Washington’s Death with Dignity law. EOLWa also helps find supportive physicians for individuals that qualify. Register with End-of-Life Washington by filling out the Request for Support form online ( or call EOLWa at 206-256-1636 during regular business hours. 

Step 4: Make a plan for what will happen after your passing. You are entitled by WA State Law to make your own decisions about how your remains will be handled after you pass. If you are pursuing Medical Aid in Dying (MAID) and have a physician’s prescription, you are eligible for hospice services. We may encourage you to enroll in hospice even if you don’t utilize their services to facilitate easier disposition following your passing. We can help you create your disposition plan.

Step 5: Depending on how long you want to visit Sagebrush Crossing, you may arrive by yourself or with your support people. On the day you plan to ingest your medication, we require you to have a support person present, as we cannot personally be present when you take the medication.

For support people: You should expect to remain at Sagebrush Crossing until our guest passes and is pronounced dead (most likely by the hospice in which they are enrolled). The remains will then be removed from Sagebrush Crossing and you may not need to be present during that process. You can remain in the apartment as long as you like with the deceased guest or you can sit in our outdoor spaces facing the lake. We have refreshments for you, such as coffee, tea and snacks.

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