Our Services

Sagebrush Crossing is operated on a private residential property in rural Spokane County, WA. We have three places you can reserve for your passing.

1. APARTMENT: A 200-square-foot studio apartment with detached private bathroom. This space can accommodate 1-2 guests and has a kitchenette with electric appliances (microwave, hot plate, skillet, toaster oven) and full refrigerator. Guests may stay in the apartment for one or more days, depending on your needs.

2. BEDROOM: A 650-square-foot bedroom with bathroom and lake view. This room can accommodate up to 10 people and has a bed and various tables and chairs and plenty of space to move in additional furniture. We have a refrigerator and microwave you can use in this room upon request. This room is only available for up to 24 hours.

3. YURT: In warmer months, we have 14′ diameter yurt with a lake view that can accommodate some guests, depending on mobility and medical needs. Guests access the yurt down a 200′ path and can use a nearby outhouse outside or a bathroom near house, back up the long path.

Guests can also enjoy the outdoor spaces around the property, including a deck and fire pit. Guests can use the sun-room with lake view attached to the main house during daylight hours.

Wheelchair/limited mobility: People with limited mobility or using wheelchairs can access all indoor spaces (bedroom, apartment, bathrooms) and there are no steps up from parking area to studio, bedroom or bathroom areas. Access to yurt, deck, sun room, fire pit and outdoor lake view areas may involve steps or uneven surfaces.

Other amenities: Sheets, mattress pads, chucks pads, tissues, paper towels, garbage can/bags, gallon water, diffuser with essential oils, speaker for music, Wi-Fi (in apartment, bedroom and some outdoor areas) and other items upon request.

End of life is unique for everyone, so length of stays may vary from under 24 hours to several days, depending on your situation.

Our team has personal and professional experience with end-of-life care and are happy to talk with you about things like planning, advance directives, talking to your loved ones and coping with death. We cannot provide any medical or legal advice or care.

Sagebrush Crossing does not charge guests for the use of the property, although we may incur various costs as a result of your visit. As such, we accept donations.

Guests are expected to coordinate with our team about your specific end-of-life plan so we can inform you about what services exist in our area to transport your remains. We can provide you with contact information for local providers, but we will not make specific recommendations about what you should arrange for remains transport. We do ask that you have a specific plan, however, as we are located in a rural area and it could take several hours to coordinate various entities to retrieve your remains.

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