Catholic Hospice Rejected in Spokane County

(JANUARY 2023 UPDATE: This application decision was successfully appealed by Providence, who is now free to open a hospice in Spokane County that does not support access to Aid in Dying.)

As we mentioned in our July 1 post, there are four organizations applying to open hospices in Spokane County. Sagebrush Crossing supports any hospice that helps patients access Medical Aid in Dying (MAID) and we requested a public hearing to ask these hospices to declare their policies on Death with Dignity.

Providence, a Catholic healthcare organization in Spokane County which does not support MAID, had their application denied yesterday. Multicare and Pennant also had applications rejected, while AccentCare’s application was approved. AccentCare is a national, for-profit organization.

I met with Dena Register, a Music Therapist at AccentCare, during the application process and emphasized the importance of providing access to MAID for all patients. AccentCare is aware of Sagebrush Crossing’s services and verbalized a commitment to helping patients access MAID. AccentCare is now required to respond to the County’s proposed terms and conditions before they can begin developing their hospice services.

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