The Role of Choice in Death and Dying

I attended this symposium this morning, which featured speakers talking about who can access choice at the end of life and what choice might actually mean in this situation. Although the speakers did not appear to specifically support MAID, it is important to think critically about these issues. A summary from my notes is providedContinue reading “The Role of Choice in Death and Dying”

End-of-Life Planning and Grief

Co-authored by Melissa Lunardini, MA, MBA, FT, Director of Community Engagement for Grief Coach When you think about planning for your death, what comes to mind? Funeral expenses? Estate planning? These important end-of-life considerations will help your loved ones manage the financial impact of your passing, but what about the emotional impact? Consider incorporating aContinue reading “End-of-Life Planning and Grief”

Diane Rehm’s When My Time Comes

Diane Rehm’s hourlong documentary, When My Time Comes, is available to stream online for supporting members of KSPS PBS. KSPS PBS Passport grants access to an extended on-demand library of thousands of hours of PBS favorites, and it’s available to any member who gives at least $5 a month to KSPS PBS. Donate now to qualifyContinue reading “Diane Rehm’s When My Time Comes”

Hooray, New Mexico!

From Death with Dignity’s national webpage: It is an exciting day for us all. Terminally ill New Mexico residents can now begin the qualification process to receive aid-in-dying medication through the Elizabeth Whitefield End-of-Life Options Act. This is the tenth death with dignity law to pass in our country, and we are one step closer to makingContinue reading “Hooray, New Mexico!”