Legislative Updates

Thank you to Washington State Representative Shelley Kloba for meeting with us today to discuss Death with Dignity. Our conversation about the nuances of the relationship between hospice, disability rights, and Death with Dignity will help us continue our advocacy for DWD in our community and nationwide. There is a public hearing about the expansionContinue reading “Legislative Updates”

Disability, Social Justice and DWD

In my role as a licensed clinical social worker and a mandated reporter in WA State, I am legally required to report anyone who is attempting to harm themselves or to die by suicide. So why does state law allow for certain people to end their lives legally? What factors contribute to the emerging supportContinue reading “Disability, Social Justice and DWD”

Our Philosophy

Quality of life is at the heart of Sagebrush Crossing. We believe that individuals should be trusted to make their own decisions about how to achieve their greatest quality of life, even after receiving a terminal diagnosis. Many medical providers, hospices and loved ones provide opinions about what treatments to pursue and what constitutes aContinue reading “Our Philosophy”